Friday, May 11, 2012

Skitch-I-Y: Tribal nails!

Since Mother's Day is this weekend and I did post on giving your mom a mani/pedi treat, I think I should post the tribal nail DIY I promised. It's really easy. Might require a bit of skill though. Anyways, it's fun and quirky so get your nails prepped to bring in the summer colors with this nail pattern! I remembered that a while back when I was working with Erika Peña, she had a tribal nail pattern done on hers for the launch of the Carnaval collection and I absolutely loved it so I got my things out and went for it!

You'll need:

A white color base polish
3-5 bright color polishes
Black nail art pen or thin brush polish
Clear top coat

Step 1: Prep your nails. I always like to start off by buffing them and pushing back the cuticles. Apply 1-2 good coats of your white base color so the other colors will pop. 

Step 2: Grab your colored varnishes and draw thick lines across your nail. Depending on your nail size, about 4-6 stripes should do. Alternate the colors. Play around with each nail. They don't have to be all the same. It's better if they're not. 

Step 3: With your nail art pen or thin brush polish, draw a black line dividing each color. This will make the tribal design stand out. 

Step 4: With the same pen, start drawing geometric patterns on each band of color. It's fine if you leave some stripes without any design. It balances the look. Alternate patterns and have fun with it! 

Step 5: Apply a good layer of Top Coat and you're done! 

(pics from my phone and Photobooth. Sorry for the quality! Erika Peña Ulan Ring)

This is a really fun and festive nail art perfect for you or for anyone! I really enjoyed my tribal nails! If it's a little difficult doing it on both hands, maybe get some help from a friend and help each other with your manis respectively. Maybe play around with neon colors. Have fun with this one! 



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