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Here's the Skitch: Rose pout

Scold me again as I fell for the Photoshop crash fandango again. This time my computer battery died on me while I walked away from my computer for a few minutes while I was sketching a Zoe Bradley illustration for tonight's post. Guess who hadn't saved her work. So...

Sephora's Hot Hues Lip Balm in Crazy Coral
Instagram: LilaLane

It's time for another beauty post!!! *cheers*

For this occasion, I wanted to share with you guys my favorite picks for lip tints, balms and glosses. With the exception of one, I've been using these products for at least six months or more so you know firsthand that they're way more than tested, approved and loved. I have been sporting some vibrant lip colors lately but if there's something I always have on hand, it's a rose tinted lip color. Well, not exactly rose but something that looks natural and gives my pale lips a bit of umph~. Also, since my skin is extra dry I always want extra nourishment. 

Here's the roster of swatches: 


From left to right we have Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Jesse, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Chic Honey, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm, Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter , Sephora Hot Hues Lip Balm in Crazy Coral.

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Jesse

Price: $19.00 on the Urban Decay site
 $13.00 on Amazon

Amount of product: .27 oz. (8 ml)

Tint: Sheer burgundy with light sparkle

Definitely wanted to start off with this one! Well, these glosses have a long list of atributes. First of all, they're very lasting, they blend extremely well, they're not goopy and they have a fantastic scent (each Pocket Rocket has a different pheromone scent). They also wear out nicely and very little bleeding occurs (at least in my case). Since this goes on quite sheer, it looks pretty nice over any kind of nude lip color so it turns into a pretty pinkish tone. I absolutely love it over my go to lipstick, Clinique's Blushing Nude. Jesse in particular smells of crème brulée, which so happens to be my favorite dessert. In terms of price, I think $19 is kinda steep for a lip gloss, but we are talking of UD and I have to say, these things really are top notch quality. If you are lucky like me, you can get you own Pocket Rocket like I did. Five dollars, Haute Look. Yes, $5. Seeing as I found it for that price and I don't see it anywhere in the UD website, I believe it is discontinued but I did find it at Amazon so there must be a few lying around. 

These glosses have a quite humorous concept to them. The "pheromones" in them entice you to them, just as it happens when you're attracted to someone else. Of course, the holographic guy posing in the brush holder is sexy enough and then realize what a Pocket Rocket really is... don't get any ideas, ladies! This is a clean blog. *wink, wink*. That might explain the packaging! Just have fun swishing the tube around and seeing him undress. Each Pocket Rocket has its own backstory. Jesse Just so happens to own a dead-end bar and has many, many tattoos. Mmmm, sexy. 

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Chic Honey and Black Honey

Price: $15.00

Amount of Product: .07 oz

Color: Sheer auburn and burgundy

Black Honey
If there's any makeup product I've been die-hard loyal to, it's Clinique's Almost Lipstick. Have you ever experienced that moment when you try a beauty product for the first time and your life was completely changed, that you literally walked out of the door all giggly and starry eyed, that four years later you still feel the same way every day when you chuck it into your makeup bag? When I first tried on Black Honey it was the beginning of a deep relationship. I'd finally found the tint my pale lips craved with the longevity I needed without being overpowered and obvious. These "almost lipsticks" are nicely pigmented but the cool thing about these is that they let your natural lip color show through by adjusting to it so they kind of make your own personalized lip color. When these first appeared on the market back in the 90's, only Black Honey was available and it was a sensation.

Chic Honey
When you use a product by Clinique, you know it is dermatologist tested and recommended and it is 100% allergy free. These lip colors glide on easily, they're very emollient, comfortable, non-scented and non-sticky. They're so smooth, they're a blend between a lipstick, a lip balm and a lip gloss because they do give your lips a bit of shine. They've been recently re-launched so there's a wider range of color selection that varies from pinks to peaches. Black Honey is the brightest of the range being a deep burgundy color. Chic Honey is more opaque, auburn-ish tan and it has a bit of sparkle to it. The packaging is sleek and durable in the trademark metal tube Clinique is known for. Since this product is a "little goes a long way" type, that tube will last you forever. I know I've been using my Chic honey for ages and I still have plenty left. As far as the success of Black Honey, you can also get it in combo with a lip gloss of the same shade but I personally don't think that's necessary.

Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm
Price: $9.00

Amount of product: 0.14 oz.

Color: Sheer with slight shimmer

I stumbled upon Avène products in a freezing Paris (during the summer!) of 2007. By then my dermatitis was starting to manifest itself on my skin for the first time and my entire body was just literally cracking open with the coldest weather I've ever endured. My mother and I rushed into a local pharmacie for the first time in search of soothing products for my skin and lips. The look on the gentleman's face at the counter was priceless when he saw our lost and astonished faces as french pharmacies are quite different from what we know here in America. After the pharmacist reviewed my condition he gifted us tons of mini samples from companies like La Roche-Posay, Vichy and of course Avène. He recommended this lip balm above anything else. I've tried decent lip balms after this one, but this one still tops my list.

This is absolutely the longest lasting product I've ever tried. The company promises up to 8 hours of wear. I wouldn't exactly say 8, but it's damn close. This product is formulated for dry and very dry skin types (right up my alley) so it's a given that this will be extremely hydrating. The extra rich formula takes care of that. It's hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (doesn't block your pores), it provides anti-oxidant protection and it's made with Avène's eau thermale for insured hydration. It has a slight scent but it's nothing too strong. It's pleasant. I use this balm as a base for my lips when I do my priming process before makeup. It sets a soft tone to my lips. The thing with these is that they have an expiration date. Well, mine is long since passed but it still works as fine as it did on day 1 and I STILL have plenty left. The good thing is that the Avène range is now at my local Walgreens so I can go get another whenever I want. 

Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter
Price: $12.00

Amount of product: 0.21 oz.

Color: Sheer deep alizarin crimson

I can't say my experience with the Korres was the same as it was with the Clinique Almost Lipstick but it was similar. I was looking for something similar to the CAL but a little bit more bright and colorful. Also, I was on a very tight student budget. Venturing into my local Sephora and running around forever, I found this! Korres products are known for the use of natural ingredients. This one is made up of natural oils that soothe the driest lips. The formula is incredibly creamy, hydrating, glossy and the wear is just lovely. After the balm has worn off, it leaves a nice pink tone behind until it completely vanishes from your lips. Since the color on this one is quite strong, you only need a bit to make your pucker pop. It has a soft scent of wild rose (my fave!). I personally am not a huge fan of the packaging as mine did break with a bit of use but it's still all in there. This product is petrolatum free and it comes in a very wide variety of colors ranging from Guava creme to Plum dark. 

Sephora's Hot Hues Lip Balm in Crazy Coral

Price: $10.00 (on sale for $3.00 *limited edition*)

Amount of product: 0.1 oz.

Color: Sheer neon coral-pink

This one is the only one I haven't really used for that long, about a week maybe. But I just had to include it! This is way too exciting not to post and rave about! I went the other day to my local Sephora and I always love to check out the sales bins. There were so many pretty lipsticks on sale and waaaaay at the bottom of the bin were three of these lip balms but just one coral colored. I've been meaning to try out corals on my lips for summer so I gave it a shot and since it was a balm and it said neon, even better. The price tag was a definite winner too. Little did I know the surprise I was going to get when I purchased it and opened the tube...


Another one!

THIS THING IS ACTUALLY NEON! It was crazy! What a lovely product! I couldn't wait to get home and take pictures to actually swatch it. The surprises didn't end when the color payoff wasn't actually coral but more like a hot pink. Really hot pink! I didn't mind it because the color was just so cool. It's quite natural looking instead of the expected neon. It looks so pretty over pale lips. I can't really say much about this product other than the basics: it's got a tangerine-like smell to it, the packaging is sleek, the color payoff is nice and it moisturizes OK. It has a few set backs like it does have kind of a strange taste to it. I wish it went away but it does linger. It also isn't long lasting. More like 1 hour... tops. Also, it does stain a bit. Not bothersome on the lips but getting the swatch off was a bugger. Anyways, I only paid $3 for it so I don't really mind. This was kind of an impulsive buy. I'm really glad I got it though because it really is fun to wear. 

What are your favorite lip products? I'd love to hear your opinions and your favorites to try out new things. Leave a comment below. Don't forget to Like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, Tumblr and on Instagram. I'm LilaLane. 


  1. Man! I just want a freaking red lipstick that doesn't fade! Which would you recomend? I have found lovely shades of red and have tried different brands, but they fade away really fast! I have not tried MAC yet. Do you think I should?

  2. MAC Ruby Woo is one of my all time favorite red lipsticks. It's Matte so it's a little hard to apply but I used to wear it for work because it was fade proof and absolutely no bleeding! Although, I would recommend you use MAC's Russian Red or MAC Red instead if that's too cool for your skin tone. You could also check out NYX's Matte lipsticks. They're not as matte as MAC's, a fraction of the price and also keep your lips moisturized. My favorite is Merlot.



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