Monday, May 14, 2012

Linked up! (a Skitch-I-Y Jumbo Clasp Bracelet)

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I hope you all had a fantastic mother's day weekend! I'm back at my apartment and ready for another Skitch-I-Y. This one actually is about the jumbo sized clasp bracelet I made for my mother. I swear, I've never given such a fantastic gift (well, I probably have but I'm just way too thrilled with this one). Why am I so excited about this one? This DIY can be broken down into 1, 2, 3: One really amazing bracelet for only two dollars in three easy steps. Yes, $2.00. 

I went for a flakie nail polish to my local Sally Beauty Supply last week and stopped by one of the adjacent fabric shops I like to regularly visit. This shop in particular is including supplies for jewelry making lately so I always get really cool thingamajigs. So, in a huge basket of findings and metal work I found these amazing jumbo clasps in black, gold and silver. Each little baggie had right about 5-6 jumbo clasps for just $1.00 each. So I got back home and unloaded my loot on my bed thinking of what to do with this really awesome arsenal of craft goodness. As I started playing around with them it hit me! Of course! Just the clasps alone looked amazing so there was no need to break my head thinking of other ways to show them off! I'm definitely going back later this week to get more supplies to make myself a bunch. 

Each clasp is about 3/4 of an inch and lately I've been obsessed with my vintage jumbo chain necklace so I've been wanting to play around with other jumbo accessories as well. The cool thing about this project is that you can add more clasps and turn it into a necklace. Maybe add chains or even make yourself a pair of  earrings. I know that my mom wants me to make her a whole set!

You'll need:

About 10-11 Jumbo Clasps
Jewelry linking hoops
Jewelry pliers

Step 1: Hook together pairs of the jumbo clasps. You can play around with any combination you like or just keep it simple with one tone clasps. I went for black and gold (of course I did!). About five pairs should be enough for a bracelet. 

Step 2: Start liking pairs with the jewelry hoops with your jewelry pliers and make a long chain of them. I recycled mine from old necklaces I had lying around! 

Step 3: Close off the clasp chain. You don't have to worry about closures because well, the whole bracelet is closures! It's really the quickest and easiest DIY I've ever done.  

And you're done!

See? 1,2, 3... fool proof.

Check out my very awkward hand modeling. Ooooh!

Erm.. somewhat of a mini arm party. (Arm party term adopted from The Man Repeller herself)

Last awkward cut-off arm picture, I promise! But doesn't this bracelet look so adorable?

Try it out and let me see the result! Post it on Instagram and tag me. I'm LilaLane. Don't forget to subscribe to The Fashion Skitch, follow on Tumblr and Like on Facebook

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