Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Skitch: Anna Sui s/s 2012

Hey! To finish up the Anna Sui fashion skitch, here's the illustration. I went a little more, well... sketchy than I usually do with this one. I wanted to create something maybe a bit more playful so not staying within the lines and splatters of random color were in order (at least I think) to match up with the quirkiness of the cat eyeglasses, the vivid print and color and the whole vibe of the collection in general. And of course, I also wanted to focus on the turbans, being as the Skitch-I-Y for Anna were turbans. 

I was going to post this illustration yesterday, but just as I was about to save my work after two hours sketching and working on an EPK for a short film I'm collaborating on, Photoshop decided to crash on me and I still haven't upgraded to  CS5 (no auto-save backup!) so indeed my work was lost. Not a problem. Start from scratch? Well, I do have a million and one things to do but I can squeeze in another sketch! *Chuckles* No, really. I did create this blog to keep me drawing and post my illustrations so after a long hair pulling and tear jerking scene on my part, I decided that it's OK. After all, if I didn't save it every once in a while it's because I still haven't learned my lesson to back everything up after a session of work. *tsk, tsk, tsk!* Lesson learned, mental note noted!

Anyways, this look was modeled by the ever charming Karlie Kloss. It's amazing how much she's grown after all these years. And to think that amazon of a woman is only 18! Did you guys see how stunning she looked at this years MetGala in Jason Wu? GORGEOUS. 

Karlie pic via
reserved rights D. Velázquez 2012

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