Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Minute Gifts for Mom under $50!

My beautiful mom and I
If you're like me, you probably spend weeks and weeks thinking about the perfect gift for Mom and don't come up with anything special enough until the last minute. It's not easy finding a gift that matches the amazingness of Mom and of course, Mother's Day should be every day of the year but it's nice to get her a little something special that one day too. Usually I do a mix of something I create with a little bought treat.

I always prefer gifts that my mom could really enjoy, things she can love accordingly to her taste. This year, I've got a few things rounded up for my Mother's day gift but I wont point them out here because my mom reads my blog so my lips are sealed!

Here are my picks for last minute gift ideas under $50.00 (for those who run a tight budget like me) and they're just a one stop trip to the store being as Mother's Day is this weekend. What's better? A few DIY ideas that will be even cheaper and easier to get because you made them yourself!


My mom is a huge Estée Lauder fan. She's been using it ever since I can remember. What I love about Estée Lauder's products is the quality and elegance. This blush is a lovely neutral rose toned pink that suits many skin tones. They slide on the skin so smoothly and a little goes a long way. I know my mom would use a color like this every day! The design is vintage inspired so every time she pulls out that compact, it's a beautiful thing. You can get this compact at your local Estée Lauder counter.

$43.50 (a $73.00 value)

I get really excited when I see Clinique sets like this. I've been using Clinique since I was fifteen and I know this is excellent quality for your buck. This set includes a Colour Surge Eye Shadow Compact, a High Impact Mascara, a Blushwear Cream Stick, Long Last Glosswear SPF 15, and a Take The Day Off Makeup Remover. All of these fantastic products con in a really cute flower print cosmetic bag. This set has all the essentials for a great every day makeup look. The shadow compact has a beautiful selection of colors. Also, I'm a die hard fan of the High Impact Mascara. After 4 years, I always go back to it. You can get this set at your local Sephora.


My mom and I share the same love for rose scents. When I saw this Korres Rose collection for that price, I squealed. This set includes one of my all time favorite lip products, the Wold Rose Lip Butter. It also includes a Rose Body Butter and a Rose Shower Gel. I cant testify for the quality of the body butter and shower gel because I haven't tried those personally but I cant attest to the amazingness that are Korres products so I think it's a good bet getting this set. As for the Wild Rose Lip Butter? I have nothing but the best things to say about it. It gives a beautiful sheer, pink tint to the lips, it smells divine and it's incredibly nourishing and hydrating. A must pick up item from your local Sephora.


Seriously, how more perfect can you get? This is one of my all time favorite fragrances and it just so happens to be Sephora's #2 top seller I believe. It consists of notes of Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia and Patchouli. It's a delicate smelling fragrance, quite sweet and elegant. I promise it's a scent that will appeal to any nose. Everyone I've smelled it on has had fantastic results (due to everyone's corporal chemistry varying).


This Swarovski solitaire set is just simple and very chic. It's an earring set that can go from everyday casual to special occasion. I actually got these for my Mom a few years back for Mother's day and she loved them. It's surprising the little treasures you can find at a Swarovski store that are within budget. You just have to really look to find them. They come with a certificate of authenticity. The plating is rhodium.

$28.00 (small)
$38.00 (medium)
$48.00 (large)

I think these rings are adorable. They'd be a really cute gesture to get one for your mom and one for yourself and keep them as mother/daughter rings. These are from the I Heart Collection. These gold and silver plated rings are adjustable and they pretty much just are the chicest accessory. You can order them online or visit the Erika Peña Boutique at Galería Suchville in Guaynabo, PR.

$35.00 + tax (a $100.00 value!)

I'm always on the lookout for a good Gustazo. For Mother's day, they didn't disappoint. Mom needs some R&R every once in a while, so why not treat her to a relaxing session at L'Bel? The good thing about Gustazos is that you can purchase the Gustazo for yourself or you can gift it as well. They're redeemable up to a year but hurry, the opportunity to get your Gustazo is limited! It ends this Saturday. You can redeem it at L'Bel Boutique at Plaza las Américas, Hato Rey, PR.

Now, let's head on to the DIY ideas:

I just recently discovered the magic that is I Spy DIY. *tsk tsk tsk!* I pretty much adore every DIY project Jenni Radosevich takes on. She's InStyle magazine's craft expert. Her DIY's are very simple to achieve and the best part is that her DIY's don't end up looking like DIY's (if you get my drift). They really look good. I thought this DIY was super fun and it's a simple gift that will be light on your pocket. You can make this with chains from old necklaces you have lying around!

Give Mom a Mani/Pedi!

Tribal Nails (Skitch-I-Y coming soon!)
Striped Nails (Skitch-I-Y coming soon!)

Treat mom to a masterpiece of your creation by hitting your polish stash. You can give her a very easy mani/pedi with things you already have in your home. You can start off by soaking her feet in lavender oil infused water, exfoliating her hands and feet with homemade sugar scrubs, moisturize and work you mani/pedi magic! Let her pick out the colors she likes and let her sit back and relax.

Dinner, Dessert and a Movie!

Let mom sit back and you do the cooking. For desert, surprise mom with delicious macaroons or cake pops! Head on over to (the creator of Cake Pops) to get inspired by her many ideas for recipes and decorations! You do all the cleaning and afterwards put on a movie of her choice. Stock up on her favorite movie treats for the show!

Well, those are just a few ideas off the top of my head. These are all definitely things I'd gravitate towards to show my mom how much she means to me. Give them a shot and surprise your mom on her special day! To all the mothers out there reading, I wish you a lovely Mother's Day filled with love and happiness! To my mom: Te amo, mami!


  1. Adored this post! Every time I love more and more your post Desi! besos...

  2. Thanks so much, Yara! Every time I do my nails posts I think of you!

  3. Loca, estás encantó todo, ahora quiero regalarlas todas las cosas! ajajajajaja (if I had the budget)

    1. Aww! Gracias! Yo no tengo el budget porque tengo que ahorrar para NY, pero los DIY me gustan. Mi apartamento es como un Michaels y siempre encuentro cositas para hacer. Si no, al lado tengo el Paseo de Diego que todo esta super barato! Estoy haciendo una pulserita con jumbo clasps que conseguí super cheap ahora mísmo. Quizás haré un post de eso. ;)



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