Sunday, May 13, 2012

Follow The Fashion Skitch on Facebook!

Well, it was about time I opened up a Facebook page for this blog! I've either left in a "To Do" box in the corner of my brain or just really procrastinated about it. Recently I've been asked by friends and other bloggers as to why I still hadn't opened my own. Beats me, honestly. But no longer! I finished all my pending work and now I'm free to blog, blog, blog away! So, if you're in the Facebook neighborhood, check out The Fashion Skitch or you can "Like" the page right here on Blogger. I've included a "Like" button just below my personal description. Also, you can go to it by clicking on the "Facebook" tab on the menu bar underneath the page logo. In it I'll be posting all the blog updates and other little informative tidbits that might be of your interest. I've put a lot of hard work and dedication to this blog and I just hope I can work harder to make it grow and for it to be joyful and pleasant to all my readers! Thank you all for being the extra motivation for me to carry on with this project! 

Here's the direct link to the Facebook page:

Also, my picture was taken by my dear friend Alexandra García. She's a fantastic upcoming photographer and a beautiful girl with a lovely heart.

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