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The Skitch: Emilio Pucci s/s 2012

OK, so I'm ignoring the Skitch process order a little bit and posting as I go developing. I decided to post the illustration first for this edition on Emilio Pucci s/s 2012. Here's one of my favorite looks modeled by the lovely Abbey Lee Kershaw:

The original look:

My illustration:

pictures via
reserved rights d. velázquez 2011-2012

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Here's the Skitch: Fendi s/s 2012

Smart, practical and calculated. These are some of the words that can describe s/s 2012's Fendi inspirational woman for this collection.

Now, I'm not huge on the Fendi style. As you guys might have figured out, I tend to incline towards more eclectic fashions, or classics with a bright twist but there are quite a few things that really called to me about this collection. I think the thing that really caught my attention about this collection was the inspiration. If you know who Rita Levi-Montalcini is, you know she's a neuroscientist who received a nobel prize in 1986 for medicine/physiology. That's quite a different inspiration for the fashion industry! Usually inspiration comes from really graphic, artistic places for most designers so it's quite interesting that Silvia Venturini Fendi had this catch her muse. 

How does this all play out? Well, in my opinion it's actually what fashion should be all about. Fashion should be something that alludes to all types of people in creative industries, fashion, science, education, i.e. everyone. This collection is great for all types of women in any kind of working industry. It's practical, academic and versatile. Everything from the multi-functional detailing in the clothing to the mad scientist twisted styling evoked that. Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director for this Rome established fashion house) wanted to switch up the usual dress after dress collection people were used to and give them something different: daywear. The collection was an interplay between womenswear and menswear to give the taste of what a professional woman might leans towards to when choosing her professional attire. But that wasn't limiting to just a singular backbone to this collection. This is professionalwear with a fashionable taste. Little details in prints, fabrics, proportions and construction came in to play on that and thus revealing a delicate balance in counterpart to the structured elegance this collection portrays. Like Tim Blanks from said:

"OK, this is the world of science as viewed through the prism of fashion, but one still feels compelled to sign on as a mature science student at the nearest university."

Personally, I love what the collection's about and as you might have figured out, my favorite element of all was the makeup. Probably because it's the most eclectic element of this runway show to me (kind of sad it got covered up by their eyewear, but Fendi eyewear is a staple element), but there were some things that personally didn't call out to me. Well, maybe just one: the embroidered eyelet detailing. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting and it reminds you of that geometrical/molecular feel to the collection, but to me it screams "I'm so 90's and I'm not moving any more forward than that!". To me it gave a wrong message to everyone like if it were depicting a scientist that can't be fashion forward which is kind of the opposite of the whole given message. I don't know. That's just my opinion. You guys can tell me otherwise and it would be fine. Contrary to that, I like the colorful studs. It does bring that scientific taste, but it's much more relevant to the times. Classic little satchels adorned with that: awesome! Of course, the versatility of every piece is a huge plus. Also, I'm quite smitten with the tan colored hooded jacket shown below (also the look I illustrated for this edition's Skitch). 

All in all, I think you guys should head over to and check out the collection yourselves. I'd love to hear your take on it and share your thoughts on it! Here are some of my favorite looks and details from the collection:

Pictures via

Here's the Skitch: Get Glamoured! New Erika Peña "I" Collection Launch Event

As you guys know, I've been interning for the fabulous jewelry designer Erika Peña. She creates some of the most rich and timeless pieces I've seen around. Well, this past October 27 we had the new "I" collection launch and we worked really hard to have great party to celebrate. I was really excited to get this party going because it was my first event at the boutique and of course, it was a Halloween event!

The party was inspired by the hit TV show True Blood, so we dressed up in our best sultry vampire and Merlotte's attire to get the mood going. We decorated with a few details, because the boutique is so lovely and edgy looking there's not much needed to make it look extra special. Everything is black and gold! I worked really hard on the window displays. I cut out some raven silhouettes and we hung them from some golden branches. Of course, our ravens were glitterati ravens and they were decked out in black glitter and pieces from some of Erika's past collections. Fabulous! Check them out at the Fashion Blackout blog.

The collection is inspired by the Eye of Horus, which is the eye that protects its user from all evil. The pieces are elaborated in rich silver and gold plate and ornamented with onyx and carnelian stones. Every piece is hand made. There's so many different pieces to chose from: necklaces, rings, earrings, hoops, wrap bracelets, etc.

I say, if you're around the area, it's a must you visit the boutique. I promise you'll be enchanted by everything you see!

Some pictures I took with my iPhone (left my camera at home, booo!), some I took with my friend Ivonne's camera and some were taken by the girls from the boutique. I'll post the links at the end of the post.

I want them all!

Show stopping Elsie earrings

Some pieces from the new "I" collection:

The girls: Yara, Saxon and Charleen

Yara, Saxon, Charleen and Erika as sultry vampires!

The Merlotte's girls and I!

Charleen, Yara's boyfriend, my hubby, me, Ivonne and Saxon

Vampy Erika!

Le hubby:

For more pictures, info and good stuff, check out Erika's webpage: and Facebook:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Skitch: Fendi s/s 2012

This edition's Skitch is based on one of my favorite looks from Fendi's s/s 2012 collection. I just love the hooded jacket!

Here's the original look:

Here's my illustration. I worked it in Photoshop this time so that I could get a cleaner result:

Double post whammy today!
Picture source:
reserved rights d. velázquez 2011-2012

Here's the Skitch: Gareth Pugh x MAC

Let me get this out of my chest first: *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!*

I CAN'T FULLY EXPRESS HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS NEW COLLECTION! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR IT FOR MONTHS AND I MUST DO A POST ON THESE AMAZING NEWS! And now, it will finally arrive in the US on November 23 and will be available internationally in December. Early X-Mas present, y'all! 

This is the british designer's debut makeup collection. He's collaborated with MAC before, but with makeup for the runway. Now, he's finally put his name on the MAC brand and he's giving us a plethora of dark and delicate tastes, just like his designs.

When I read about this collaboration months back, I'd read his inspiration would be beetles and insects with a hard shell. The casings for this collection definitely have a hard edge to them and they have his iconic chevrons and geometrical shapes. If anything is mostly inspired by beetles in this collection, it's definitely most of the color palette. It is simply decadent. You have two sides to this collection: hard edge and fragile. I guess that's what really excites me about this collection. I've always been drawn to Pugh's mono palette. Black and white are like a magnet to me and this collection represents just that but in wearable colors that can translate beautifully and elegantly on a woman's (or man's) face. 

The collection consists of three AMAZING opalescent nail colors, two contrasting lipsticks, two glosses, a mascara, two eyeliners, two color pigments, three rich eyeshadows, and what I'm guessing is a really pale colored powder. Also, some angled false lashes are included in the collection ("NEED IN MY LIFE LASHES"), like the ones shown on the campaign picture. The collection also comes with a square based kabuki brush and a pyramid stud-like shaped bag. The prices range from $15- $75.

Like I mentioned above, if Pugh did stick to the beetle inspiration, it is most evident in the nail varnishes. They're three colors: a silvery opalescent hue, a GORGEOUS opalescent violet and an opalescent true blue. I think saying they're only three colors is limiting because the variation of tones each varnish has is pretty extended. The packaging is simple, clean yet intricate. The trademark pyramid stud design is imprinted on each vial and you get just a peep of the color which I think is fantastic because it opens up the surprise level when you apply the color. 

The lipsticks are heavily contrasted. You've got a nude color and a dark purple color. Mono translated into beauty. I'm most positive the dark purple is Cyber (which I own and happens to be one of my favorite MAC lipsticks). It's a satin finish and very long lasting. Definitely for girls who aren't afraid to add a dramatic punch of color to their look. It wouldn't surprise me if MAC decided to use a color from their permanent collection for this limited one as the tend to do that sometimes. I'm not sure about the nude color though, so I'll have to get back to you on that one. I'm a little sceptic about nude colors on me by past experiences, but it's never a bad thing to have one on hand. They're great for toning down colors and who knows? Maybe it'll translate beautifully on you. You never know how a color will suit you until you try it so by all means, go to your local MAC store once the collection arrives to try it on. I will!

Both glosses turn to variations of purple stardust. The darkest color would go great over the Cyber lipstick. Looks like a Dazzleglass to me because of the silvery specks. The light purple Lustreglass can be a real surprise and I'm really excited to try it on. It could add the perfect twist over the nude lipstick or you could use it over Cyber and get an effect similar to the one shown on the campaign picture. Once again, the packaging is divine. I adore the pyramid formation on the top part of the wand. 

The eyeshadows blow me away in the sense of their wearability. These colors are staple pieces to any makeup palette because you can either play them up or down. The nude colored shadow looks lovely for highlighting or getting a naked look. The deep plum color would be great for the crease or all over the lid. It adds a fantastic punch of bold color. They're both matte/satin finish so the application could be a bit stubborn sometimes, but the result is divine. The gunmetal blue-ish grey is a universally flattering color I think. It's a cold grey so it can play up any brown colored eye and make it pop. It also has a bit of metallic sheen on it so it's good for the range of finishes on this shadow sampler. The packaging on these is just lovely. It looks quite sturdy so I'm guessing you won't have to worry about traveling issues with these babies. They also have mirrors in the casing (HUZZAH!), so that is a plus! If you're used to traveling with an extra mirror plus all of your shades, this will make it easier for you in so many degrees. So excited for this!

I myself am a pigment enthusiast. Oh, the possibilities! I'm especially excited for the silvery colored pigment. I'm quite positive it has a metallic finish so I really want to test out some foiling techniques with Fix+ with it. You could also use it over the Cyber lipstick to create a two-toned effect on your lips like it's shown on the campaign pictures. Perfect for inner eye corner highlighting or all over the lid. The dark purple one is similar to the eyeshadow but this one is a bit more silvery and colder (if you must). Looks incredibly rich! I would like to find out how much product you are getting for your money though. MAC pigments have been increasingly reduced on their size for practically the same amount of money. Hopefully you'll still get the same amount here with this new packaging.

For the liners, Pugh kept it simple and multi-functional. Black and silver liners in twist up tubes that are very sleek. These are versatile with the range of shadows and pigments provided in the collection and also with any other colors. What more popular liner color than black? These are great for dramatic looks and the packaging is great for travel. No sharpeners needed here! The Studio Fix Bold Black Lash mascara seems a bit gray-ish in the picture but it is intensely, carbon black. This mascara is perfect for lengthening, adding drama and volume to your lashes. It is also known for it's long lasting qualities.

Now, I'm not sure if this is power or highlighter but I'm leaning towards a very pale powder. I guess I can't say much about this until I try it other than the texture that has been pressed on to the product is really interesting. It's the same one that's been applied to the shadows too. Again, the packaging looks great and I'm hoping that compact does come with a mirror inside.

The kabuki/buffer brush is just so neat! Square handle and flat surface = perfect for placing it standing up on your makeup desk. It's made from natural fibers (probably goat hair like their traditional buffer brush)  which means it's extra soft. Last but not least, the bag. It does resemble somewhat of a CD case of some sort, but I'm only looking at a 2-D picture here, guys. I might be wrong. It could be really awesome and huge and fit every piece of this collection in there. It's incredibly structured, just like the packaging aesthetic for the whole collection and it is sleek, goth and really cool. I might not get this if I splurge a bit on this collection (le sigh, dreams~), but maybe the great padding will convince me otherwise that my products will be safely tucked and protected. Anyways, I doubt I'll be getting it. It costs $75 (eek!), and with my experience with makeup bags... NO. 

Well, my excitement bursts from every pore. I'm definitely into those nail varnishes, pigments, shadows and definitely the false lashes (sorry guys, no picture of them other than the campaign one). I'm over the moon I finally got a glimpse of this collection for which I have been dying to see for months. Either way, if this collection does have some permanent collection elements in it, I'd say just buy the regular ones because they might be a bit over priced because of the packaging. You do however, want to invest in the new products that have been especially made for this range.

Pugh has definitely maintained his fashion taste vibrant in this rich hued collection which is basically what it's all about! So, maybe there's more to this collection. MAC has the last word and it's still not up on their site for viewing. After all, this is a sneak peek at it, but if it's just what's shown here I am indeed a happy camper. See you November 23!!!!

Special thanks to for the breaking news and great pictures. Check them out here!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Skitch-I-Y: Fendi s/s 2012 Makeup

On this new Skitch process, we'll be doing things a little bit differently. I'm posting the Skitch-I-Y project before the review and illustration because honestly, I can't hide how incredibly excited I am about this one. It's makeup! Helloooo! I'd honestly wear this makeup out all the time, I'm not kidding. I don't care about the strange stares, I'm in love with it. Sadly, I have to go to work this evening so I have to wash it off for that (boo hoo!).

The makeup for s/s 2012 Fendi's collection was done by Peter Phillips and to describe it in one word is easy: AMAZING. Anything with gold/silver foil is rich and incredible and instantly grabs my attention. This Skitch-I-Y makeup is perfect for standing out and also, Halloween is coming up so this makeup is perfect for the occasion. It's easily modifiable so you can adjust it to your goddess costume, or your egyptian pharaoh with a twist costume or any other eye catcher. You could also do it in smaller amounts or just a little gold leaf flake here or there. Emma Watson wore a similar makeup to the NY premiere of the last Harry Potter film. Just a few touches of gold leaf and she achieved instant "WOW!" factor. Pixiwoo have a fantastic tutorial video on this look and you can check it out here.

I got this tutorial together to show you guys how easy a look like this that can look quite complicated can be. I would have loved to set up a video tutorial, but my DSLR doesn't have that feature (looking to upgrade sometime in the future!), and the camera that does record is at my mom's house at the other side of the island. I didn't want to record on my mac because frankly, the image quality sucks, so I just took pictures of every step for you guys to see.

You'll need (for the eye makeup alone):

  • Gold leaf (you can get it at your local art/craft store.
  • foundation/concealer
  • WASHABLE non-toxic glue stick
  • DUO eyelash glue
  • makeup brushes (An eyeshadow brush and a smaller brush for the lash glue. It would be better if it's a craft brush so you don't ruin your makeup brushes.).
  • eyeliner (stick, gel or liquid)
  • eyeshadow primer
  • false lashes
  • highlighting and dark eyeshadows
  • mascara
  • Fix + (optional)
  • Eyelash curler (not shown)
  • Spooly for your brows (not shown)
For the rest of the face you'll just need some powder, bronzer and gloss if you want to make it a bit more wearable.

Step 1: Prep and prime your face. I like to spritz a little MAC Fix+ on my face because it helps moisturize and soften my extremely dry skin. Add your eyeshadow primer to your eye lids.

Step 2: Take your washable glue stick and spread some all over your brows so they lay flat on your skin. If you don't do this step, the gold foil will not stick gracefully on to your skin and you'll loose the effect. Make sure it is non-toxic glue. If it's safe for glue eating kiddies, it's safe for you. You could also use some makeup wax sold at your local makeup or costume shop but if you're on a budget, glue stick should do. Take your spooly and go combing your brows as you go so they can spread out and lay the flattest possible. Wait for the glue to dry completely before moving on. You may need to apply a few layers of glue depending on how thick your brows are. 

Step 3: Conceal your eyebrows as much as you can. I'm out of concealer so I used my foundation for this. It didn't cover up as much as I would have liked but it did quite well and it doesn't matter as much for the bottom arch part of the brow since it will be masked quite a bit with dark eyeshadow.

Step 4: Grab you eyeliner and draw a cat-eye line over your top lash line. Smudge it out a bit and re-touch the liner line. I used my favorite liner, Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eyeliner in black. It's comparable to Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner (in my opinion, even better and cheaper). Actually, any liner should do just as long as it can be smudged, is waterproof (due to the lash glue) and really black.

Step 5: Cover your lids with a dark eyeshadow. I love how MAC's Beauty Marked has cool purple specks so I used that one but any black eyeshadow would be perfect. Take the shadow up to the brow and cover that too. If you notice, I left the liner line a bit exposed on the outer corners so I could use it as a guideline to apply the gold leaf later on.

Step 6: Take a brush (preferably a craft brush in this case) and apply a coating of DUO eyelash glue over the area you will apply the gold leaf. I've marked out the area on the picture. You might need to re-apply some glue as you go because it dries pretty fast and you may take a while applying the gold leaf if you've never done it before. 

Step 7: Take small pieces of gold leaf and go sticking them on to your lid with your finger. You want it to look wrinkly and organic so apply it in layers. It doesn't matter if some of the shadow underneath peaks out either as long as it doesn't peek through too much. That just makes it more interesting. Take the gold leaf all the way to your brow and cover it completely. You can leave asymmetric edges on the borders of the leaf so it adds interest and dimension. When applying on the lid, follow the line of your crease and do keep that edge clean and straight so you keep the cat eye liner showing.

Step 8: Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Take your false lashes and cut them in half. I got mine for $1.00 at Forever 21 and I've reused them a few times. Just make sure to wash them really well after each use. Take the outer corner of the lashes and apply some eyelash glue. Wait for the glue to get a bit tacky for a few seconds and place it on the outer corner of your lashes.

Step 9: Add a bit of highlighting shadow on the inner corner of your eyes. I'm using Phloof! from MAC. Brush off all of the fallout from your eyeshadow accumulated underneath your eyes with some concealer and you're done! For the whole face makeup, just add a bit of contouring bronzer along your cheekbones and some soft gloss on your lips. I'm using Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket lipgloss in Jesse. You want to keep the rest of the face simple (unless it's for some other type of costume makeup) because the eyes must be the main focal points here.

Here's the finished look:

I hope you enjoyed this easy Skitch- I-Y tutorial on this fantastic makeup. If you want to catch some fun behind the scenes looks at the Fendi s/s 2012 fashion show, click on the video below and see for yourself!


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