Saturday, October 29, 2011

Here's the Skitch: Get Glamoured! New Erika Peña "I" Collection Launch Event

As you guys know, I've been interning for the fabulous jewelry designer Erika Peña. She creates some of the most rich and timeless pieces I've seen around. Well, this past October 27 we had the new "I" collection launch and we worked really hard to have great party to celebrate. I was really excited to get this party going because it was my first event at the boutique and of course, it was a Halloween event!

The party was inspired by the hit TV show True Blood, so we dressed up in our best sultry vampire and Merlotte's attire to get the mood going. We decorated with a few details, because the boutique is so lovely and edgy looking there's not much needed to make it look extra special. Everything is black and gold! I worked really hard on the window displays. I cut out some raven silhouettes and we hung them from some golden branches. Of course, our ravens were glitterati ravens and they were decked out in black glitter and pieces from some of Erika's past collections. Fabulous! Check them out at the Fashion Blackout blog.

The collection is inspired by the Eye of Horus, which is the eye that protects its user from all evil. The pieces are elaborated in rich silver and gold plate and ornamented with onyx and carnelian stones. Every piece is hand made. There's so many different pieces to chose from: necklaces, rings, earrings, hoops, wrap bracelets, etc.

I say, if you're around the area, it's a must you visit the boutique. I promise you'll be enchanted by everything you see!

Some pictures I took with my iPhone (left my camera at home, booo!), some I took with my friend Ivonne's camera and some were taken by the girls from the boutique. I'll post the links at the end of the post.

I want them all!

Show stopping Elsie earrings

Some pieces from the new "I" collection:

The girls: Yara, Saxon and Charleen

Yara, Saxon, Charleen and Erika as sultry vampires!

The Merlotte's girls and I!

Charleen, Yara's boyfriend, my hubby, me, Ivonne and Saxon

Vampy Erika!

Le hubby:

For more pictures, info and good stuff, check out Erika's webpage: and Facebook:

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