Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Fashion Skitch on Rock On! Anna Sui!

A few weeks back, the lovely Marie-Ève of Rock On! Anna Sui contacted me via Tumblr to ask me if my Anna Sui s/s 2012 Skitch could be featured on her Tumblr. I was completely flattered and excited as this is quite a huge deal for me! I invite you all to swing by her page and check it out. It's pretty much the most amazing Anna Sui page around so don't miss out on all the goodies she posts! Check it out here -->

Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Marie-Ève!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Two Left...

Just two more months and the biggest turning point of my life will occur. I've had weeks of insomniac nights just thinking and making numbers in my head, calculating my next moves, my budgets and the quantities of money I'll be burying my soul into to receive the coveted education that Parsons will give me. Just about two more months to prepare. If I've seemed a bit absent minded with a troubled face to anyone, you now know why. I sometimes catch myself saying my goodbyes already but I do it because I know the treasures I leave behind: my family, my friends, the foundations of who I am today.

I've been moving my things from my apartment in Río Piedras back home little by little. It's slowly starting to look as it did when I moved there: bare and with spare essentials. The large amount of my work that has been accumulated in the span of two years I've brought back to my house. All of my printmaking, all of my drawings, all of my large scale work, all of my acrylic plates, all of my woodwork, all my paintings, my portfolio, my soy inks and all of my black covered sketchbooks... back home. As of the moment I only have a few materials from my stash at hand just to I could bare with my remaining projects. My closet is slowly being emptied. What's to give away will be given and what I only need is still cluttering it. Trash or keep? Drawers are being emptied and boxes filled and carried out.  

I've already begun making a selection of what will I be taking with me to New York. My suitcases have been selected and I'm still figuring out what essentials I'll take with me. It's my life summarized into a couple of suitcases. I'm taking only what I need to commence my new life. 

It's been a whirlwind of decisions and there are still so many to be made. I'm nervous and afraid. I can't deny that I'm am. I've worked up my courage to take this step and it's been years since I've been wanting it. I've wanted to leave this island since I can remember and face a new scenario. It's been my plan all along to gradually move into where I am right now. For now all I can rely on is my strong will, my eagerness, my experience, my education and my wit to move me forward. I'm ready to earn the thick skin Parsonytes (what my boyfriend calls Parsons alumni) are known for.

So, all that said I know that once I post this, it'll be time to leave already. Two months vanish in a blink of an eye. I need to keep focused. Most importantly, I can't let myself down. Sure, disappointments are bound to happen but as my dear friend Jani has told me before, those are just dust specks in a glass of milk. Simply remove them and keep on drinking that big ol' glass o' milk called "Life". When I'm finished I'll basque in the joy of my hard work paying off only to keep on working harder because in the end, one should want to be better than the last time always. 

I'm on my way, Parsons!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Skitch-I-Y: Tribal Bib Necklace

If you read my Mother's Day post, you might remember me mentioning Jenni Radosevich from I Spy DIY and her really cool projects. Well, my absolute favorite DIY from hers has got to be her tribal necklace and of course, it brought me back to jr. high school when I was the girl that braided with thread all the other girls' hairs and sold friendship bracelets for pocket change so I could score awesome goodies at the candy shop across the street from my school. In other words, I HAD TO TRY IT OUT! I always like to try things a little different than shown so I played around with colors, lengths and amounts. I also used some different materials as Jenni because I couldn't find bungee cord but I actually love the results with what I used. It's also lighter and cheaper. The cool thing about this is that you can make practically anything with it. You can keep it simple and make a bracelet like Jenni does as well, or you could even make a belt! It's really the most simple form of friendship bracelet but taken to the next level. I wanted to play around with neons since they're the hot ticket this spring/summer, and I made one for my mom's birthday. I kept hers smaller and neutral as she's petite and wouldn't wear neon like me. Anyways, let's begin (image heavy post ahead)!

You'll need:

  • Assorted colored threads and/or nylon twine
  • Cotton Clothesline or bungee cord
  • Scissors
  • Beads (optional)
  • Masking tape (not shown)
  • Glue (UHU, Magnatac- not shown)

Step 1: Take the cotton clothesline and measure out the desired length. It all depends on how you want to do your necklace. If you want it single then you can cut as long or short as you wish. If you're going to do a bib necklace like me, I recommend cutting one long strand of about 30"(so you could wear it of the length of your liking) and the rest is up to you. My initial tube was of 9" so it would fall nicely on my decolleté. For each tube you will use three clothesline cords. For the first one you will cut the 30" one and two shorter ones aligned in the center of the long one. For the rest you will cut them all the same size of your preference. Secure the ends with masking tape so they wont unravel. You can add some tape to keep the tubes steady and remove them later on as you go wrapping the thread.

You should have something similar to this:

Step 2: Take your colored thread of preference and tie a half knot at the end of each tube (for the tube with the long cord, you will start where the short ones begin). Make sure it is really taut so it wont loosen up. If you prefer to make another half knot, then go ahead. Do not cut your thread just yet!

Step 3: Tuck in the extra thread in between the cotton cords and start wrapping your thread by the end that you haven't cut yet. Make sure it is even and really tight or you'll get peekaboo spaces. Wrap as much as you like. You can add small beads if you wish as you go wrapping it around but for that you would have to cut your thread before the aforementioned time so you could string them through. I chose to keep mine simple as the neon colors were enough detail for me.

Step 4: If you wish to change thread colors, simply make a half knot with your old color and tuck in the excess in the cotton cords. 

Step 5: Repeat the same process until you cover the entire tube of cords. You can change colors as often as you like.

Step 6: When you reach the other end, wrap a double knot to hold in in place. Cut off the excess and secure it with a drop of glue. Also, don't forget to wrap some thread to the cords that you'll use to tie the necklace to your neck so they wont unravel!

At this point you could finish it off with just one tube or make it a bracelet by doing it shorter. If you want to learn how I did mine, keep reading.

Step 7: Make as many tubes as you wish and the length that you like. I cut mine in a degradé so they would go from largest to smallest. 

Step 8: Align your tubes and secure them in the center with a band of tape. This will make the weaving much easier to manage. The weaving will be diagonally as the arrows point out. The more diagonal inwards, the more closed the necklace will be (you can see the difference between both necklaces above). 

Step 9: Here I have shown it separated from the pack for your better viewing. You will take the first or last tube and tie some thread. Secure it with a droplet of glue. Make sure the knot is facing the backside of the other tube and is not exposed. We want this to look as neat as possible.

Step 10: Start interlacing the thread over and under successively until you reach the other end and back. Pull the thread taut, cut off the excess and secure at the end with a discreet knot. Put a dab of glue. Do this as many times you wish making sure it looks neat. Do this along the length of the necklace until you reach the outer ends. I did it about every inch or so (where the shortest tube ended successively).

And you're done!

I am seriously over the moon with how these turned out! I think I'll make myself many more in all the colors available! This statement necklace is fun and bright and well... just pretty darn bold! I wore mine out today to work and at the post office, people actually stopped my to ask me where I got it! They couldn't believe it when I told them I'd made it. It took me about 4 hours to make the big one and just a one hour for the smaller one. This is a necklace that must definitely be worn with a simple outfit, as it says so much on its own. You really wouldn't want to steal its thunder. If you're going neon, wear it with neutrals for the extra pop! Now, oblig fashionista picture~~~~

If you'd like to know about my makeup, for my eyes I used Wet n' Wild's Mega Liner in Black (best liquid liner ever), Estée Lauder's Roseberry, Ben Nye's Red eyeshadow, Nars Desire blush, Makeup Forever's Star Powder in 44, Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, Milani's Liquif'eye Liner in Black and Benefit's Bad Gal Lash mascara. Nars Casino bronzer for contour and for my lips I went full blown Sephora's Hot Hues lip balm in Crazy Coral.

Swing by I Spy DIY for more amazing DIY ideas! I myself am obsessed! Don't forget to check out my Facebook page and Like to stay posted on daily updates, follow me on Tumblr and also on Instagram! I'm LilaLane. Feel free to tag me or post on my Facebook wall your own tribal creations!

Also, I really want to thank you all for your support! I'm more than humbled by the amazing feedback I've been getting from you all. I'm more than open to any suggestions and requests on how I can improve my blog because after all, the biggest joy I get from blogging is seeing you guys enjoy my posts, appreciate them and try them out. Thank you all so much and help me spread The Fashion Skitch joy! Share away! So many more goodies to come!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Skitch-I-Y: Striped Tape Nails!

Instagram LilaLane

I swear, I think I'm obsessed with painting my nails which is funny because I used to avoid doing them as much possible. I've been trying so many different techniques lately. It's like I've rediscovered nail art again. Between the day before yesterday and yesterday, I've re-done my nails three times. As of the moment I'm trying to master the water marbling technique. Not as easy as it looks, but when you get it, it's really neat! While I conquer that, I'll show you guys a really easy technique that has endless possibilities. Like in art, with nails it's all about techniques and how you apply them. I'm sorry I don't have a better picture other than the one I posted on Instagram, but I sometimes forget I have a camera (derp!). Anyways, this picture shows you how well the technique works. Let's get started!

You'll need:

At least two different colored polishes
Clear top coat
Base coat

Step 1: Prep and prime your nails. I really suggest you do use a base coat for this as you will be working with tape and it might pull off the base color if not prepped correctly. I recommend CND's Stickey. Color your nails with the base color of your choice. I went for black with Sephora's "Reglisse". 

Step 2: After your base color has COMPLETELY dried, cut some strips of tape and layer them over your nails as you wish. Wherever you have put your tape is where your base color will peek through. I used masking tape for mine but any tape should do as long as it is well pressed in place. Make sure you don't leave any corners of the tape unadhered or the polish will seep in through there. You want to make sure you get crisp lines.

Step 3: Cover the unmasked areas with another color of your choice. I used Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Celeb City. 

Step 4: Remove the tape very carefully and slowly. Don't wait until it dries out or you will ruin your work. I usually wait about 30 seconds after I paint them to do that. When you remove it, you will have your striped pattern. Retouch if necessary. 

Step 5: Wait until it dries completely and add a good top coat. 

And you're done!

This is a really easy technique that you can definitely experiment with. Play with different color combinations or mask off really intricate tape patterns. You can also mask off the base of your nails with band-aids to get half moon effects. The possibilities are endless! I love how mine turned out. They kind of remind me of little Sephora bags. As for my nail art obsession, well... it's bordering on insane! Here's some of the marbling I've been able to achieve:

If you guys would like a tutorial on this (or at least a run through of my experience with it), let me know in the comments or via Facebook. I'd love to see if you tried the technique so don't be afraid to post in the comments below, my Facebook wall or tag me on Instagram. Don't forget to Like and also follow on Tumblr and Instagram. I'm LilaLane!   

Friday, May 18, 2012

Here's the Skitch: Caped Beauties

What gets me pumped about award seasons is the fashion (well, DUH!). In my opinion, it's the chance that absolutely everyone gets soaked up in the latest trends, regardless of their immersion in fashion. It's the time when celebrities and their stylists decide what risks they'll sporting during the season. Trends such as select color choices, cut and fit and accessories always make or break an outfit. This season, one in particular has tickled my fancy like no other. The cape and cloak are back once again and well, I'm pretty damn fascinated.

Even though they're not to be confused, they're used synonymously. A cape is an outer garment that covers the back part of the body half way while the cloak only covers the back but its length is full-on complete. Both tie around the neck. They can be fused with other pieces to make unique things. It's sporadic and it always returns, thus denoting its importance in fashion's history and its impact on its followers. Both capes and cloaks are equally a statement and practical. They denote an air of authority upon their users. Throughout history, they have been used to demonstrate social stature in military, clergy and royal attire. They are usually adorned elaborately for occasions that call for that and for practicality, they are left simple.

Alexander McQueen, black silk coat A/W 2002-2003, Supercalafragalisticexpialidocious

Daphne Guinness in McQueen's red Silk cloak from
The Girl Who Lived in the Tree
A/W 2010-2011

Alexander McQueen S/S 2012
The late Alexander McQueen was no stranger to the cape, as his fantasy fueled ideas were usually based on royal dreams and deeply rooted in his scottish pride. The cloak and cape have been regular pieces in some of his most highly esteemed collections. From The Girl Who Loved in the Tree to Supercalafragalisticexpialidocious to his last collection in A/W 2010-11. It was a joy to see that after his death, Sarah Burton continued his caped legacy as we could appreciate in the S/S 2012 collection.

During this award season, some designers have been able to showcase their caped creations. Tom Ford was really sly with his S/S 2012 collection. He showcased it later than everyone else which really got the hype going because we were all DYING to see being as his presentation was limited to an extremely closed group of people. Gwyneth Paltrow was the lucky lady that showed off the most sleek cape known to womankind of Ford's creation. It's presence is demanding and powerful and it made her silhouette just beautiful. It was elongated and classic.

Then along came Jason Wu and his fall RTW 2012 collection. Diane Kruger sported his embroidered capelet at the opening of the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort in Miami, FL. It was worn with leather pants on the runway but she decided to let the cape speak all for itself.

The Met ball had one beautiful caped beauty. The lovely Lana del Rey was accompanied by the designer himself, Joseph Altuzarra. The cape was a simple black cape. Boring, you may say. Don't be fooled as this was a wise decision. It was simple as to overpower her already shiny and embellished dress. Alone, it's an understated garment but with the rest of the outfit, it provides the extra push and interest the outfit needed to make it stand out at such an important fashion event.

Finally, the Cannes Film Festival is in all its splendor and stars are walking the red carpet non-stop with their fashion guns in full force. Today, Fan Bing Bing stunned the crowd with an Elie Saab Couture gown with cape. Both garments made from the same material and worked with the same embroidered embellishments. Although the combination of so much embellishment is heavy, the whole outfit is balanced by the monotone color palette. This goes to show that just one mistake in styling and the whole outfit can go wrong. All in all, she simply looked like royalty. Stunning!

I'm ready to see more caped outfits and it just makes me want to grab my sewing machine and fashion myself one for my move to New York. I think I'll be preparing one for myself in the near future. In the meantime, what are your favorite fashion trends?

pics via and Google.

Here's the Skitch: Rose pout

Scold me again as I fell for the Photoshop crash fandango again. This time my computer battery died on me while I walked away from my computer for a few minutes while I was sketching a Zoe Bradley illustration for tonight's post. Guess who hadn't saved her work. So...

Sephora's Hot Hues Lip Balm in Crazy Coral
Instagram: LilaLane

It's time for another beauty post!!! *cheers*

For this occasion, I wanted to share with you guys my favorite picks for lip tints, balms and glosses. With the exception of one, I've been using these products for at least six months or more so you know firsthand that they're way more than tested, approved and loved. I have been sporting some vibrant lip colors lately but if there's something I always have on hand, it's a rose tinted lip color. Well, not exactly rose but something that looks natural and gives my pale lips a bit of umph~. Also, since my skin is extra dry I always want extra nourishment. 

Here's the roster of swatches: 


From left to right we have Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Jesse, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Chic Honey, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm, Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter , Sephora Hot Hues Lip Balm in Crazy Coral.

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Jesse

Price: $19.00 on the Urban Decay site
 $13.00 on Amazon

Amount of product: .27 oz. (8 ml)

Tint: Sheer burgundy with light sparkle

Definitely wanted to start off with this one! Well, these glosses have a long list of atributes. First of all, they're very lasting, they blend extremely well, they're not goopy and they have a fantastic scent (each Pocket Rocket has a different pheromone scent). They also wear out nicely and very little bleeding occurs (at least in my case). Since this goes on quite sheer, it looks pretty nice over any kind of nude lip color so it turns into a pretty pinkish tone. I absolutely love it over my go to lipstick, Clinique's Blushing Nude. Jesse in particular smells of crème brulée, which so happens to be my favorite dessert. In terms of price, I think $19 is kinda steep for a lip gloss, but we are talking of UD and I have to say, these things really are top notch quality. If you are lucky like me, you can get you own Pocket Rocket like I did. Five dollars, Haute Look. Yes, $5. Seeing as I found it for that price and I don't see it anywhere in the UD website, I believe it is discontinued but I did find it at Amazon so there must be a few lying around. 

These glosses have a quite humorous concept to them. The "pheromones" in them entice you to them, just as it happens when you're attracted to someone else. Of course, the holographic guy posing in the brush holder is sexy enough and then realize what a Pocket Rocket really is... don't get any ideas, ladies! This is a clean blog. *wink, wink*. That might explain the packaging! Just have fun swishing the tube around and seeing him undress. Each Pocket Rocket has its own backstory. Jesse Just so happens to own a dead-end bar and has many, many tattoos. Mmmm, sexy. 

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Chic Honey and Black Honey

Price: $15.00

Amount of Product: .07 oz

Color: Sheer auburn and burgundy

Black Honey
If there's any makeup product I've been die-hard loyal to, it's Clinique's Almost Lipstick. Have you ever experienced that moment when you try a beauty product for the first time and your life was completely changed, that you literally walked out of the door all giggly and starry eyed, that four years later you still feel the same way every day when you chuck it into your makeup bag? When I first tried on Black Honey it was the beginning of a deep relationship. I'd finally found the tint my pale lips craved with the longevity I needed without being overpowered and obvious. These "almost lipsticks" are nicely pigmented but the cool thing about these is that they let your natural lip color show through by adjusting to it so they kind of make your own personalized lip color. When these first appeared on the market back in the 90's, only Black Honey was available and it was a sensation.

Chic Honey
When you use a product by Clinique, you know it is dermatologist tested and recommended and it is 100% allergy free. These lip colors glide on easily, they're very emollient, comfortable, non-scented and non-sticky. They're so smooth, they're a blend between a lipstick, a lip balm and a lip gloss because they do give your lips a bit of shine. They've been recently re-launched so there's a wider range of color selection that varies from pinks to peaches. Black Honey is the brightest of the range being a deep burgundy color. Chic Honey is more opaque, auburn-ish tan and it has a bit of sparkle to it. The packaging is sleek and durable in the trademark metal tube Clinique is known for. Since this product is a "little goes a long way" type, that tube will last you forever. I know I've been using my Chic honey for ages and I still have plenty left. As far as the success of Black Honey, you can also get it in combo with a lip gloss of the same shade but I personally don't think that's necessary.

Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm
Price: $9.00

Amount of product: 0.14 oz.

Color: Sheer with slight shimmer

I stumbled upon Avène products in a freezing Paris (during the summer!) of 2007. By then my dermatitis was starting to manifest itself on my skin for the first time and my entire body was just literally cracking open with the coldest weather I've ever endured. My mother and I rushed into a local pharmacie for the first time in search of soothing products for my skin and lips. The look on the gentleman's face at the counter was priceless when he saw our lost and astonished faces as french pharmacies are quite different from what we know here in America. After the pharmacist reviewed my condition he gifted us tons of mini samples from companies like La Roche-Posay, Vichy and of course Avène. He recommended this lip balm above anything else. I've tried decent lip balms after this one, but this one still tops my list.

This is absolutely the longest lasting product I've ever tried. The company promises up to 8 hours of wear. I wouldn't exactly say 8, but it's damn close. This product is formulated for dry and very dry skin types (right up my alley) so it's a given that this will be extremely hydrating. The extra rich formula takes care of that. It's hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (doesn't block your pores), it provides anti-oxidant protection and it's made with Avène's eau thermale for insured hydration. It has a slight scent but it's nothing too strong. It's pleasant. I use this balm as a base for my lips when I do my priming process before makeup. It sets a soft tone to my lips. The thing with these is that they have an expiration date. Well, mine is long since passed but it still works as fine as it did on day 1 and I STILL have plenty left. The good thing is that the Avène range is now at my local Walgreens so I can go get another whenever I want. 

Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter
Price: $12.00

Amount of product: 0.21 oz.

Color: Sheer deep alizarin crimson

I can't say my experience with the Korres was the same as it was with the Clinique Almost Lipstick but it was similar. I was looking for something similar to the CAL but a little bit more bright and colorful. Also, I was on a very tight student budget. Venturing into my local Sephora and running around forever, I found this! Korres products are known for the use of natural ingredients. This one is made up of natural oils that soothe the driest lips. The formula is incredibly creamy, hydrating, glossy and the wear is just lovely. After the balm has worn off, it leaves a nice pink tone behind until it completely vanishes from your lips. Since the color on this one is quite strong, you only need a bit to make your pucker pop. It has a soft scent of wild rose (my fave!). I personally am not a huge fan of the packaging as mine did break with a bit of use but it's still all in there. This product is petrolatum free and it comes in a very wide variety of colors ranging from Guava creme to Plum dark. 

Sephora's Hot Hues Lip Balm in Crazy Coral

Price: $10.00 (on sale for $3.00 *limited edition*)

Amount of product: 0.1 oz.

Color: Sheer neon coral-pink

This one is the only one I haven't really used for that long, about a week maybe. But I just had to include it! This is way too exciting not to post and rave about! I went the other day to my local Sephora and I always love to check out the sales bins. There were so many pretty lipsticks on sale and waaaaay at the bottom of the bin were three of these lip balms but just one coral colored. I've been meaning to try out corals on my lips for summer so I gave it a shot and since it was a balm and it said neon, even better. The price tag was a definite winner too. Little did I know the surprise I was going to get when I purchased it and opened the tube...


Another one!

THIS THING IS ACTUALLY NEON! It was crazy! What a lovely product! I couldn't wait to get home and take pictures to actually swatch it. The surprises didn't end when the color payoff wasn't actually coral but more like a hot pink. Really hot pink! I didn't mind it because the color was just so cool. It's quite natural looking instead of the expected neon. It looks so pretty over pale lips. I can't really say much about this product other than the basics: it's got a tangerine-like smell to it, the packaging is sleek, the color payoff is nice and it moisturizes OK. It has a few set backs like it does have kind of a strange taste to it. I wish it went away but it does linger. It also isn't long lasting. More like 1 hour... tops. Also, it does stain a bit. Not bothersome on the lips but getting the swatch off was a bugger. Anyways, I only paid $3 for it so I don't really mind. This was kind of an impulsive buy. I'm really glad I got it though because it really is fun to wear. 

What are your favorite lip products? I'd love to hear your opinions and your favorites to try out new things. Leave a comment below. Don't forget to Like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, Tumblr and on Instagram. I'm LilaLane. 


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