Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Two Left...

Just two more months and the biggest turning point of my life will occur. I've had weeks of insomniac nights just thinking and making numbers in my head, calculating my next moves, my budgets and the quantities of money I'll be burying my soul into to receive the coveted education that Parsons will give me. Just about two more months to prepare. If I've seemed a bit absent minded with a troubled face to anyone, you now know why. I sometimes catch myself saying my goodbyes already but I do it because I know the treasures I leave behind: my family, my friends, the foundations of who I am today.

I've been moving my things from my apartment in Río Piedras back home little by little. It's slowly starting to look as it did when I moved there: bare and with spare essentials. The large amount of my work that has been accumulated in the span of two years I've brought back to my house. All of my printmaking, all of my drawings, all of my large scale work, all of my acrylic plates, all of my woodwork, all my paintings, my portfolio, my soy inks and all of my black covered sketchbooks... back home. As of the moment I only have a few materials from my stash at hand just to I could bare with my remaining projects. My closet is slowly being emptied. What's to give away will be given and what I only need is still cluttering it. Trash or keep? Drawers are being emptied and boxes filled and carried out.  

I've already begun making a selection of what will I be taking with me to New York. My suitcases have been selected and I'm still figuring out what essentials I'll take with me. It's my life summarized into a couple of suitcases. I'm taking only what I need to commence my new life. 

It's been a whirlwind of decisions and there are still so many to be made. I'm nervous and afraid. I can't deny that I'm am. I've worked up my courage to take this step and it's been years since I've been wanting it. I've wanted to leave this island since I can remember and face a new scenario. It's been my plan all along to gradually move into where I am right now. For now all I can rely on is my strong will, my eagerness, my experience, my education and my wit to move me forward. I'm ready to earn the thick skin Parsonytes (what my boyfriend calls Parsons alumni) are known for.

So, all that said I know that once I post this, it'll be time to leave already. Two months vanish in a blink of an eye. I need to keep focused. Most importantly, I can't let myself down. Sure, disappointments are bound to happen but as my dear friend Jani has told me before, those are just dust specks in a glass of milk. Simply remove them and keep on drinking that big ol' glass o' milk called "Life". When I'm finished I'll basque in the joy of my hard work paying off only to keep on working harder because in the end, one should want to be better than the last time always. 

I'm on my way, Parsons!

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