Saturday, October 29, 2011

Here's the Skitch: Fendi s/s 2012

Smart, practical and calculated. These are some of the words that can describe s/s 2012's Fendi inspirational woman for this collection.

Now, I'm not huge on the Fendi style. As you guys might have figured out, I tend to incline towards more eclectic fashions, or classics with a bright twist but there are quite a few things that really called to me about this collection. I think the thing that really caught my attention about this collection was the inspiration. If you know who Rita Levi-Montalcini is, you know she's a neuroscientist who received a nobel prize in 1986 for medicine/physiology. That's quite a different inspiration for the fashion industry! Usually inspiration comes from really graphic, artistic places for most designers so it's quite interesting that Silvia Venturini Fendi had this catch her muse. 

How does this all play out? Well, in my opinion it's actually what fashion should be all about. Fashion should be something that alludes to all types of people in creative industries, fashion, science, education, i.e. everyone. This collection is great for all types of women in any kind of working industry. It's practical, academic and versatile. Everything from the multi-functional detailing in the clothing to the mad scientist twisted styling evoked that. Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director for this Rome established fashion house) wanted to switch up the usual dress after dress collection people were used to and give them something different: daywear. The collection was an interplay between womenswear and menswear to give the taste of what a professional woman might leans towards to when choosing her professional attire. But that wasn't limiting to just a singular backbone to this collection. This is professionalwear with a fashionable taste. Little details in prints, fabrics, proportions and construction came in to play on that and thus revealing a delicate balance in counterpart to the structured elegance this collection portrays. Like Tim Blanks from said:

"OK, this is the world of science as viewed through the prism of fashion, but one still feels compelled to sign on as a mature science student at the nearest university."

Personally, I love what the collection's about and as you might have figured out, my favorite element of all was the makeup. Probably because it's the most eclectic element of this runway show to me (kind of sad it got covered up by their eyewear, but Fendi eyewear is a staple element), but there were some things that personally didn't call out to me. Well, maybe just one: the embroidered eyelet detailing. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting and it reminds you of that geometrical/molecular feel to the collection, but to me it screams "I'm so 90's and I'm not moving any more forward than that!". To me it gave a wrong message to everyone like if it were depicting a scientist that can't be fashion forward which is kind of the opposite of the whole given message. I don't know. That's just my opinion. You guys can tell me otherwise and it would be fine. Contrary to that, I like the colorful studs. It does bring that scientific taste, but it's much more relevant to the times. Classic little satchels adorned with that: awesome! Of course, the versatility of every piece is a huge plus. Also, I'm quite smitten with the tan colored hooded jacket shown below (also the look I illustrated for this edition's Skitch). 

All in all, I think you guys should head over to and check out the collection yourselves. I'd love to hear your take on it and share your thoughts on it! Here are some of my favorite looks and details from the collection:

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