Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello professional life!

Fashion Internship Interview Attire at Erika Peña

Diane von Fürstenberg bodice dress, $498
Forever21 jacket, $28
ALDO peep toe high heels, $80
Aldo bag, $60
Forever21 spiked necklace, $5.80
Forever21 fish hook earrings, $1.50
Milani Liquif'Eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil | Walgreens, $6.49
Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss by Urban Decay (Official Site), $20

Hey guys! Guess what? I interviewed today for a fashion internship at Erika Peña and I got it! I start on Wednesday! I'm so excited! Why am I so excited? Well, I'm definitely not excited for my agenda. Poor thing! With my job at Forever 21, this internship, my sewing classes, my gallery expo and the boyfriend... I don't know how I'll have any time for myself anymore! I am excited though because I will get to work behind the scenes in a fashion company, so I'll get to learn how the industry works, what's going on behind the glitz and glamour and what it takes to move along a flourishing business. So, I scrunched up this Polyvore set to show you guys what I wore today. Lately a lot of my friends have come to me for interview suggestions, so I thought I'd make this idea board and share my personal tips and pointers so you can get an idea of what to do and how dress for an interview. I also had a professor in college that was like a mentor to me in all that is personal presentation in the job industry (¡Gracias, Millán!).

OK. The first thing you've got to think of when choosing your outfit for the interview is what kind of company or employer would you potentially be working for. Is it a very reserved and formal company? A more creative one or a very hip and stylish one? That could pretty much set the breaking point for the entire outfit. In this case, I was interviewing for a designer so I had to show that I am indeed very much interested in the latest trends and my personal appearance. Erika Peña's company aesthetic circles around the colors black and gold (a combination which I am very keen on lately) so I decided I should somewhat incorporate that color scheme into my look to catch her eye a bit. I used my go-to little black faux leather sheath dress from BCBG Max Azria (not shown there because I couldn't find it on Polyvore, but check it out here. It's the first one shown. I actually got it on sale for $100 a few months back for my graduation.), and I layered over it a creme colored blazer from Forever 21 that I actually got on sale for $21. I decided to give my look a kick with my Aldo leopard pumps and accessorize with a gold statement necklace and little pyramid stud earrings. The clincher: my new Aldo satchel purse in black and gold which I actually got on sale for $45. Most of these pieces I had laying around in my closet for the longest. I've had those pumps for a good five years already! Classy, timeless, and on a budget.

Based on the type of company you'll dress for, you also have to remember to always give your attire a little personal twist. I did this with my jewelry. Studs and spikes are my thing but I did it in a very classy and toned down way. I also did so with my makeup. When you do your makeup, keep in mind that it can certainly make or break you. Since I was interviewing for a creative and fashionable company, I decided to do my trademark cat eye but give the look a twist with a red lip. I used NYX Matte lipstick in Merlot ( It's not shown there. It's a darker red than the one posted above.) and let me tell you, these lipsticks are TO DIE FOR. They are eternal on your lips, they don't bleed and their color will stay as pungent 4 hours later as they did when you first applied it. I used my new Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lipgloss in Jesse and Milani's Liquifeye Liner in black which is my go-to liner. 

So, here's the run down:
  • Stick to classic color palettes and neutrals with a personal twist on your outfit for any type of interview. If you're going for prints, make sure they're a bit muted and simple. Crazy prints can scream... well, crazy (regardless if you aren't).
  • You can add touches of color with your accessories or one piece of your outfit. Maybe add a bright sleek scarf, a  color block blouse underneath your blazer or a bold color detail on your purse.
  • Keep your makeup clean and simple. Neutral shadows or barely there makeup is the right way to go. Don't experiment with your makeup for these things that day. Stick to what you know and keep those lips classic! Same thing with nails: no neon greens or crazy attachments on your nails, please!  Also, make sure the nail color isn't chipped. That could say you're forgetful and don't pay attention to detail. If it's easier, just keep them in a skin tone color or no color at all. A clear, glossy coat should do.
  • If you're going to go sleeveless, don't use spaghetti straps or expose too much skin. Always make sure it is a wide strap and take any piece that you can use for covering up your shoulders just in case. Blazers are a great way to go. It kind of gives your potential employer a look into ~the future~. A nice, structured cardigan might work too. You never know who'll be interviewing you and their take on style.
  • If you're going to use a dress like I did, make sure it is a reasonable length. A few inches above the knee is fine. If you wear a shorter skirt, a dark stocking could do the job. The trick is to balance your top half with your bottom half or vice versa.
  • Under any circumstance, DO NOT wear jeans to ANY interview. It doesn't matter if it's Saks, Zara, Express or even Panda Express! Jeans scream lazy, tacky and clueless. It doesn't even matter if they're dark wash or black. JUST DON'T. You want to show that you clean up nicely and can manage a polished look. That can be a real deal breaker a lot of times. A nice, clean trouser, skinny or straight legged pant should give you that professional look. You can look like a million dollars with little money! You just have to plan out your attire and be on the look out for great deals. 
  • Another NO-NO: open shoes. I don't think anybody wants to see your feet exposed (eek!). Closed shoes are spot on. A classic pump looks great. The only exception would be a peep toe pump. It's barely showing anything. Keep those piggies well tucked! If you don't want to risk the pain, some flats will do you good. You can play with color with your shoes too!
  • In terms of the actual interview, always practice potential Q&A's before hand. 
  • Always ask the interviewer if it is necessary for you to bring any additional documentation with you. 
  • Research a bit about the company you'll be interviewing with before hand. You never know if any surprise questions related to that might pop up in the interview!
  • Confirm your interview the day before just in case the interviewer has had a change of plans. It also show's you're looking forward to it.
  • Always show up 15 minutes before your interview. It demonstrates that you're incredibly interested, you're punctual, and it could help you out in advance like it has done for me. I've interviewed many times before others and before my appointment because I've arrived earlier, thus helping me snag the job. Don't make a photo-finish entrance on an interview. Don't go ahead and show up an hour early either, just with a few minutes in advance so both you and your interviewer settle in and prepare. 
  • Take a deep breath, relax and go!

I hope those pointers help you guys out in your endeavors for the right job. I know these tips have helped me loads when it comes to job hunting!


  1. oh my gosh congrats! That's so awesome. One big step in the right direction. I'm so glad we were able to connect on ifb - Great blog!

  2. Oh thank you so much! It's been great so far and I only hope to work hard to get places. You've got a fantastic blog too! <3



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