Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh, the holidays have arrived!

My thirteen-year old kitty <3
Happy thanksgiving everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful day with all of your loved ones and if you haven't, I hope you've had a wonderful day anyways. I'm fortunate enough to be spending my Thanksgiving day back home in Mayagüez with my mom, my boyfriend, my cats and a very close family friend. It took us two and a half hours from San Juan to Mayagüez but the roads were clear and that's actually kind of record time for such a long trip. I haven't been able to come home in months because of work and responsibilities, but these are the special occasions where family comes first and we must celebrate. My mom's been renovating the house and it looks fantastic! I'm so proud of her because she finally has her dream house (of course, she did it after her children moved out!).

If there's anything I really love about Puerto Rican holiday festivities, it's the food. We celebrate thanksgiving, but the menu might vary a bit. We do have out turkey, but instead of traditional american dishes like green bean casserole we trade them for traditional puertorrican yummies like rice with pigeon peas, and pasteles. In my house, my mom takes the cake for the best turkey ever. Bacon wrapped and stuffed with mofongo (a traditional plantain dish from the gods): juicy goodness! This was accompanied by steamed veggies, rice with pigeon peas, salad, and cake! Mom brought out all of her fancy platter collection and we actually sat down together at the table to eat. My cats were going nuts with the turkey fest and of course, I slipped them a few nibbles on the side.


It's not a fashion post, but I do want to share how lovely my thanksgiving has been in hope that you've all had similar experiences. It's a time to come together and show our family some love. I'm kind of dreading tomorrow because of Black Friday. You all know I work at Forever 21 and I have a closing shift so I'll have to clean up the day's mess. Oh well, everyone has to work so onward march!

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