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Here's the Skitch: Emilio Pucci s/s 2012

Emilio Pucci

OK. Now I just feel guilty. You guys can grill me all you want. I deserve it for posting this so late. I've been quite busy but that doesn't mean I've forgotten the blog. Oh no! It's become like a child of mine. I think it would be quite hard to forget it now. I've got so many ideas for this that now it's hard to ignore. Also, I've got set the Skitch-I-Y I want for this Emilio Pucci version of the Skitch process, but I haven't had any time or extra money to get the remaining materials so as soon as I can, I'll do it and post it. Anyways, done with my excuses... on to the review!

So, Emilio Pucci. The name's iconic reference is obvious: bright, kaleidoscopic 60's influenced prints. Prints so vibrant they might even get you dizzy in a fashion haze. For this s/s 2012 season, Peter Dundas decided to move the iconic Pucci detail into gypsy, free spirit girl vibe. But this look is definitely not stuck in the 60's. Dundas managed to make it look relevant and modern. To me, the girls who walked down the runway are the type of laid back spirit girls every woman wants to be once in a while. Like with Fendi, I'm not a huge Pucci fan (due to the prints in this case), but with collections like this I might have to change my opinion.

There was a lot of midriff showing going on, a lot of lace and sheer sexiness in the most appropriate places, but that doesn't mean it looks wrong. Au contraire, this is how sexy should be done. It wasn't overpowering and it was fitting for the inspiration. Little peasant tops, flowy skirts and vibrant prints added to all of this, but there were also quite a few tailored looks that to me, balanced the collection from becoming a gypsy festival. That was the modernizing element that could make any one of these looks appropriate for any occasion and for any type of woman.  What I did love about some of these more polished tailored looks was that those details had a sort of menswear edge to them, thus taking the sexiness this collection already alluded to a whole other level. There weren't as many structured looks as we're accustomed to see from a Dundas show, but it was just enough for this collection. I'd say it's still a win/win situation.

In terms of accessories and styling, well I was more than pleased. I absolutely love the cross necklaces and how the models wore them. They reminded me of some cross necklaces I used to have when I was a teenager in all my rebel[ish] angst. That goth/religious feel that's directly connected to the gypsy lifestyle is there. I don't know if that's why they appeal to me or because simply they can make any look seem instantly bad-ass. Probably more the latter. The makeup was perfect. The dark eyes made the girls seem mysterious. Also, it was like that "all-day" makeup at the end of a long day. Same with the hair: free, laid back and fun. I guess this collection really called out to me for various reasons, some already stated above. Another reason why I was so excited for this collection? It reminded me the way my mother used to dress in her teenage and early college years. At least with what I've seen in pictures. 

All that being said, here are some of my favorite looks from the collection. Check them out and comment below on your opinions about this s/s 2012 Pucci!

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