Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Intern pt.1

I know, I know. I owe you guys a few posts from the Emilio Pucci Skitch process, but I'll get to that soon. I've just been so busy dangling my responsibilities all week! I mean, look at the picture of me above (LOL did this in a few minutes so it's kinda sloppy-ish). It's crazy! Anyways, I thought I'd take a few words to talk about my experience as a fashion intern at Erika Peña so far. 

Well, it's been everything I imagined and more. I got into this to build great foundations for my professional career in the fashion industry. My main goal is to learn what goes on behing the scenes, and learn the ropes of hard work and dedication that are needed to maintain afloat a business that is quickly growing. A lot of sacrifices, hard decisions, professionalism and focus are prime elements to nurture this career and I think I can most definitely take that on. I only started this internship a few weeks ago so I have yet to learn so much but I've already learned tons. I can't say it's been easy. It hasn't, but I do believe the secret to sticking it long enough is to maintain your professionalism, manage your time excellently, stay focused on your goal and just do what you're asked. Most importantly, do it well. I've been really happy during this internship so far because I've been able to use my creativity so much. I've already worked on a window display (the Halloween display posted here) and I'm working on another one as we speak. I've also gotten the opportunity to work with graphic art and photography, so everything has been right up my alley. 

Now, that's just been the artistic side to everything. I haven't mentioned that since I'm the intern and the other girls have major responsibilities, it's my task to run around doing errands and searching for materials, working with a budget and using all of my resources for these things. I've had to do the crazy endless list of client phone calls, get flowers, go here, there, everywhere... WOAH! It's what I signed up for so it's my job to do it. Running around like that has reminded me of a familiar big-eyed girl taking on the industry. Yes, I've felt like Andy Sachs in a frenzy! The good thing is, I don't have a Miranda Priestly raising an eyebrow at me and "That's all"-ing me. I'm very lucky to work with Yara, Saxon, Charleen and now my good friend Ivonne who will start interning this next week and they're all just lovely and Erika is just great! I love the creativity and spirit everyone brings to the table. I LOVE the professionalism with which the girls work and I think it's fantastic that everything must be done the best way possible. My kind of work ambience! It is definitely how things should be done. Heck, I don't mind if I have to work over hours or anything there.

It's really fun when Erika brings in new designs and packages with her latest creations arrive. These past few weeks we've been preparing for the Stella Nolasco "The Great Escape" fashion show for which Erika was doing accessories for. She designed the most beautiful belts I've seen in the longest time. They're called the "Saxon belts". Also, may we just talk about the beautiful earrings she created for each look? OH MY GOODNESS! I think our excited squeals were heard all the way outside whenever she pulled out a new pair of earrings. Also, I'm incredibly grateful she named some earrings after me! I couldn't believe it! Needless to say these are show stopping earrings because everything she does is incredible, but never would I imagine I'd get something named after me! Anyways, I was so sad that I couldn't work back stage at that show. Had I'd been informed sooner that the other intern that was gonna work the show had quit and I was the runner up, I'd make changes in my F21 work schedule with time. You guys don't know how sad it made me. I did try to get out of work earlier but either way, the designer didn't want anybody else going in after six and I'd leave at 8. Hopefully there'll be another show while I'm interning. I might be leaving for NY in a few months to start my fashion career in Parsons.

I just hope I can keep on working hard and learning as much as I can. If I plan to continue in the industry, I have to always step it up and do my best. Right now, this is the closest I can get to New York here in Puerto Rico. I just hope it all pays off in the end and I can take with me a great experience, strong foundations and great friends. 

And lastly, I finally treated myself to my first pair of Erika Peña earrings. I've been craving these ever since I first went into the store. They'd run out so they were no longer available and Erika had told me she wasn't going to make any more until probably her next visit to Bali a long time coming, but then... this past week when I was working with the office inventory, I found a pair of these Argentina earrings lying in the back corner of the product bins! THE LAST PAIR! There were supposed to go to Yara who had been wanting to buy them for a long time but she told me I could have them. So I scrunched up some money and got them for a great price! I've had countless compliments on them so far and I'm so in love with them. They're from a 2009 collection and they were actually quite different back then. They used to be gold vermeil earrings with dangling chains and feather charms but apparently they had a lot of the cow skulls lying around so they created these simpler versions which I think are timeless and quirky with edginess. You can check them out on the Classics tab in the Collections section at

Here are some pictures I've taken with my own camera while interning. Marvel at these lovely baubles!


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