Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh, Darling!

Hi, guys! I've got a review for you all today. I'm pretty excited with this review. Today, I'll be talking about Darling Girl Cosmetics. It's an indie makeup company from Texas. I learned about it from Beauty Bloggers Puerto Rico, one of the blogger groups I'm part of. A fellow member of the group had shared with us about the brand and of course, I had to check it out because by the preview she gave us things looked amazing. In fact, they were!

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Honestly, I couldn't control my excitement. All the colors were AMAZING. If you're into experimenting with color or simply a little touch of magic here or there, I think there's something for everyone here. One thing I instantly loved were the names of the products. All of them had some sort of pop reference to them, or paid homage to some kick-ass bands (those form part of the Darling Grrl! collection). What a way to win a girl's heart! So, I mad up my mind and the owner, Susan, sent me over some samples to review (samples come in little baggies with 1/8 of a teaspoon of product). In my sample package, I got five eyeshadows, one bronzer/blush and a lipgloss. Susan also included the cutest details in the packaging as well. She threw in a Darling Girl Sticker, her business card and some Hello Kitty confetti!

You can pick between 5oz. or 3oz. of product. For the price, you can't go wrong. The small sizes go for $2.90 and the larger ones for $5.90. The blushes go for 10oz. and 3oz jars and priced equally. The glosses come in 3ml click pens for $5.25. Since Susan is the only one packaging the products, the shipping time goes from two weeks to sixteen days, but that's mostly because most orders are custom and she churns out those orders on her own but I think it was worth the wait. Now, on to the swatches and reviews!

In the packaging, this has got to be one of the most basic looking colors ever... that is until you open it up! I am definitely getting myself a regular sized portion of this once I move to NY and finish up my sample. Why? It is probably the color I would get most use out of. It is GORGEOUS! It's a tan-ish taupe color with gold and pink shimmer. The application is smooth and longevity is fantastic. I tested it out for the first time for about 5 hours with a shadow base and it looked just as good as it did when I first applied it. Minimum creasing occurred. I also like it for an inner corner highlight. Being as sometimes we might use shadows for other makeup art around our face, it is important to note that this color is not lip safe.

Midnight Sea
Midnight Sea is a lovely purple with blue and turquoise shimmers like a duo chrome. With a good base and primer, it should be able to stick. I don't have the best primer on hand at the moment (Benefit's Stay Don't Stray), but the color was a bit of a hassle to get to properly stick.  As a light wash it can work beautifully but if you want it to really show up, I recommend foiling it. I also used it with NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and it showed up a bit better but not as much as I was expecting. I'm crazy about the color though. Not lip safe.

London Calling
What a brilliant name. You've got to give it to the Clash! When I saw London Calling on Darling Girl's website, I was blown away. It's a navy-ish gray base with red and violet shimmers. When I got it, it reminded me of MAC's Beauty Marked only with a lot more red shift. Once I swatched it I was a bit underwhelmed. When I blended it, I lost much of the shimmer that makes this color so amazing. I'm thinking this color was intended to be used wet as it worked much better when applied as a foil color. It did stain a bit but with eye makeup remover, it was gone completely. This color is not lip safe.

My Little Pony
Come on! How can you not like an eyeshadow named My Little Pony? The name alone got me to picking this one and I'm glad I did. This is one of my favorite ones of the bunch mostly because it is just so darn pretty. I'm not a girl that gravitates towards pink, but when you've got a duo chrome pink that works well anyway you apply it, I'm sold! The shimmer in this shadow leans towards gold, green and pink and it blends beautifully. Loved using this on my inner corners for highlight and against a dark base, it totally transforms any color. This is not a lip safe color.

Roots Radical
When you've got a name that references Rancid, you kind of expect to get something well, rancid looking. This color is far from that. This color is sweet! I usually don't go for greens but I've been experimenting with color lately and gave it a shot. Also, mint is the way to go this summer. I'm thinking this could work well as an eyeliner accent color. The shimmers in this are insane! It has gold and pink shimmers. I had a little trouble getting it to stick but with a better primer it should work nicely. I'm excited to keep playing around with this color!

Here's a look I did using all of the colors. I used Curious as a brow highlight, Midnight Sea on the lid, London Calling in the crease, Roots Radical on the lower eyelid and My Little Pony as the inner corner highlight. For my waterline, I used MAC's Sea and Sky Mineralize Eyeshadow and for liquid liner I used Wet n' Wild's Mega Liner in Black.

Look at all the shimmer! Now, on to the blush and gloss.

Bronze Goddess Blush
I think this one was added as a bonus for my order but one can never refuse a pretty blush. This peachy-tan blush works as a bronzer too. It's an easy application because you've got a two in one product. It wasn't as long lasting as some of the eyeshadows but that varies from formula to formula. I haven't been using a face primer for a while (tsk, tsk, tsk), so maybe with a primer it will work best. The color did show up nicely and gave my face a warm touch.

Liquid Kiss Luxe in Breathe
I was expecting this color to be a bit more opaque than what it really is, but I'm happy with what I got. This is actually a color I'd use everyday because it makes my pale lips look normal, but better at the same time. Breathe is a beautiful berry color with blue and gold shimmers. What really amazed me about this is how long lasting and hydrating it is! I mean, I applied this in the morning and I still feel it on my lips, eight hours later. I'M NOT KIDDING. The color wears off beautifully. I had absolutely no bleeding and the formula is thick but non-sticky. The texture reminds me of Korres' Lip butter and we all know how I love that thing. I think we might have found a very nice alternative. 

All in all, I am incredibly amazed at the quality of these products, the prices and the huge range of colors, especially rare colors, duo chromes and colors with beautiful shifts. Once I get through my samples and move to NY, I will be ordering more colors from Darling Girl Cosmetics. Don't forget to swing by their webpage and "Ooooh!" and "Aaaah!" at all of the goodies! Also, like their Facebook  page  and blogger too! Thanks to Susan at DGC for being such a doll! Anyways, see you guys soon.  I've got lots of packing and organizing to do before I move to NY next week! I'll keep you guys updated!


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I am so glad you were pleased with everything. ♥ Good luck on your move. Susan xx

    1. Thank YOU for creating such amazing products! It shows that you put your heart into it because your products have such amazing quality and range. I'm sharing this with everybody and I'm definitely getting more goodies! Thank you for the wishes! <3



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