Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The String Republic

Summer is in full blast and here in Puerto Rico, we have to admit that we've been getting pretty decent weather during this season. Even the most beach-repeller type people (like me) can't resist a stroll through the sand to get some nice ocean breeze. Since I'm not one to frequent the beach so much, I like my summer wardrobe and accessories to adapt to any occasion/season. 
via String Republic

Recently I found out about the coolest shoes for summer that can transition into any season and location with the world's greatest ease. I can use them for sunny days at the beach but I can also use them for a stroll through the city, running errands, hanging out... you name it! They're called String Republic. Their key trademark is that they're espadrilles, but not quite. Their base is made from yute just like espadrilles but they resemble sneakers, brogues and other shoes styles! The come in different collections: The String Republic, Unbelievable but Fake, and Archibald. Also, they're available in women's, men's and children's sizes.

via String Repblic

I think what called out to me the most was the grand variation of styles and designs. The String Republic collection has a plethora of prints made by international artists and illustrators that give the shoes a funky street edge and the Unbelievable but Fake collection give the illusion of a completely different style of shoe. Some people won't believe that they're really espadrilles! After reviewing the selection available, I ended up choosing from the Unbelievable but Fake collection the Kayak Red Peas. They were my first pick simply because to me, they're the most adorable of the bunch and being as red is my favorite color I couldn't resist the urge to get myself a pair! They're ballerina style shoes that look like top siders! I instantly knew I'd wear the heck out of them. Guess who's been bringing some color into her wardrobe? Oh yes!

Meet my #1 model, Schmookums!
When I got them, I was immediately blown away by the quality of the materials and construction. These are hand sewn so you can guarantee they won't be falling appart any time soon because they're not glued together. The material of the shoe itself was way sturdier than I imagined and the print was so bright and crisp! To me, the best part of these shoes is that they are so lightweight. I can literally put these on all day and I forget I have any shoes on. The only thing that must be noted is that they do tend to be a little tight at first but after the second or third wear, they'll accomodate to your feet. I've been wearing mine non-stop since I got them so they're perfectly adjusted already. As for the price, I think it's pretty fantastic. They retail for $55.00, so for a shoe that is hand made and of this quality, you're getting a very good value for your buck. I'm sure I'll be sporting these around the city a lot once I move to New York! 

Since I've been packing up my stuff and taking everything I don't really need back home, I've got a limited amount of clothes for this next month so of course, I realized I had taken my favorite bathing suit back home. Anyways, I didn't go into the water that day and I just went for a stroll at the beach with  Mr. Boyfriend (thanks for the pictures, love!) so just to show you how fun these shoes look, here's my  outfit of the day:

I wore my favorite nude button down blouse and straw hat from F21, my trusty Ray-Ban Wayfarers, the awesome Kayak Red Peas from The String Republic, my go-to cargo shorts, my studded leather belt from Joe's Jeans and my Erika Peña Square Moni necklace. 

You can check out the variety of shoes String Republic has to offer. Swing by their Facebook page and make your selection! Shop until you drop at and You can also follow them on Twitter (@TheStringRep) and on Instagram too (TheStringRepublic). You can e-mail them at Also, don't forget to subscribe to this blog via Google Friend Connect for the latest and to my Facebook and Tumblr for even more updates and treats. Also, follow on Instagram! I'm LilaLane. 

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