Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Yes, you still are in The Fashion Skitch! Well, at least this used to be The Fashion Skitch... welcome to Lila Lane.

There comes a time when we face changes in our lives that are for the better. It was about time I gave my blog a little nip tuck here and there and all of a sudden, my title. I'm not saying I didn't like The Fashion Skitch, Heck, I loved it! But coming up is a time of true transition and change for me and although I will always keep at heart the true path of my blog, I want it to represent who I really am. I will always elaborate my DIY, fashion, beauty and illustration posts for you all. This blog is what I think fashion should be. It should be something everyone has a shot at, something personalized, fun and creative. 

I've realized that keeping my personal point of view is essential to make my blog unique as with every other blogger out there. There are thousands of fashion bloggers! Deep down, I knew that at some point, people were going to have to know me for me. My friends all know me by Lila Lane. It's a pseudonym I've established upon myself from a very long time ago. That might not be my real name, but it's me in so many ways. Essentially, I know that I want my readers to know me by me and not just a blog title. So, I've decided to take this step and give it a try. Life's all about decisions and lately, I've been making quite a few. I hope you all understand why I do it. Lila Lane is and always will be The Fashion Skitch, hopefully a little better now!


  1. Here, supporting your every move. Your old friend, Pancho.


    Check out my new band! Si estas en PR tirate pal show este jueves!

    1. Pancho!!!! Oh, it's so good to have your back! :')

      Aún ando por Río Piedras. Me voy el 31 de SJ y el 7 de PR. Tú siempre y tu música buena! Hablaré con mi chico para darnos la vuelta!



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