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Skitch-I-Y: 4 Different Ways to Wear Blue

If you've ever found the most beautiful blue eye product, bought it and got frustrated because it seems that whichever way you apply it makes you look like a clown, don't feel bad. It's happened to all of us. Although blue seems like an easy color to pull off, it's very hard to do sometimes because overdoing it or choosing the wrong blue may go from spectacular in the package to clown-tastic on your face! Alike lots of colors, it's all about what tone of blue you chose and how you wear it. It all comes down to balance.

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I must admit I wasn't too keen on wearing blues because somehow I always ended up looking kind of sick because I've got deep set eyes and quite a bit of dark circles under them, so I used to stray a bit from blue and shun it with fear and you all know that I do not fret when it comes to wearing bold colors with my makeup. It's a little strange because blue is actually the color that best suits my eyes. Well, lately I've been kind of obsessed with the color and I've recently gotten some super sweet blue hues for my lids. I decided to give blue a try and boy, I'm not going back! I've gone from hesitant to bold! Also, I'm really excited because it's a color that was featured on many runways for fall.  Prabal Gurung had his heaven and hell models with bold cobalt smokey eyes. So believe me when I say, I'm VERY excited for fall makeup trends.

Here are the 4 different way's I've used to solve my blue-eyed dilemma:

 Cobalt Waterline

This is the look I wear the most being as I'm a sucker for cat eyes. The easiest way to play up a simple look is with bold colored eyeliner. This is the most moderate way to add a touch of color that impacts enough to make a statement. You can actually play with any tone of blue here since the rest of the look is so toned down. Same goes for the rest of the face. Since this eye look is demure but just the right amount of bright, you can play up your lips. 

For this look I used Wet n' Wild's Mega Liner in Black, NYX's Retractable Eye Liner in Deep Blue, MAC's Sea and Sky and on my lips I went with Lanvin x H&M's Red. On my cheeks I went with Gosh's Cheeks and Lips in Back to Nature. 

            Blue Wing

This one basically keeps the same principle as the Cobalt Waterline look: simple but bright. Instead of doing a typical black wing, turn it blue! But be warned, if the tone is too light, well... it might look just plain bad. You want to keep it classy. Go for a deep navy for a classic look or a cerulean for a playful look. Anything lighter and you've eliminated any tastefulness for this look. With this eye, you've got space to play around with the rest of the face since it's quite toned down. Add a bright pink lip or a beautiful coral for summer. For more formal affairs, go with a blush lip tone.

I kept mine playful because I wanted something suitable for the bright summer trend so I went with NYX's R.E.Y. in Deep Blue with a light dusting of Warpaint's Totes Turq over it and MAC's Pfloof! for inner eye highlighting. For cheeks I used Gosh's Cheeks and Lips Back to Nature with a little bit of Nars' Sin and for lips I went with Sephora's Hot Hues Lipbalm in Paradisso Purple with Covergirl's Eternal layered over it.

                      Blue Slate

This is probably the hardest one to pull off since the color borders on what could go right or wrong, but done right and it can play up any eye color (at least in my opinion it can!). Go for a more silvery blue and a soft navy crease with a simple liner for better eye definition. Apply some of that navy underneath you bottom lash line and keep the waterline either dark for a look that smolders or light for a bigger looking eye. A tip I learned from Marlena of Makeup Geek: if your eyes are cool, keep the rest warm to balance out the look and vice versa.

For this look, I used MAC's Sea and Sky, the blue shadow in Mark.'s On the Dot compact, and MAC's Pfloof! I also used my NYX Deep blue liner. For cheeks I went with Nars' Orgasm and on my lips, some NYX Matte Lip Creme in Stockholm and Hot Topic's Foil Lip Gloss in Batch #F1711.

       Smokey Jewels

Save this look for the extra special events, although if it were me I'd use it for everyday. To get extra pay-off always start off with a dark base color. Any cream shadows (in moderation to prevent creasing!!!!) should do the trick. Layer over it a deep blue and take it all the way up to the crease. You can choose to use a lighter blue to blend it out or neutralize the brightness like I did with a orangey-brown color. Highlight the brow bone and inner eye corners. Take a bit if that dark color to the outer corner of your lower lid. Remember to keep the rest of the face soft as this eye look is very strong. Balance, my loves, is key.

For this look I used Tarina Tarantino's Creme Shadow in Meteor Night, MAC's Sea and Sky (you can tell I love it), both MAC's Blue Brown and Saffron on the crease and MAC's Amber lights for a jewel toned effect and contrast on the inner corner highlight. On the rest of the face, I stuck to Gosh Cheeks and Lips in Back to Nature and NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm and Hot Topic's Foil Lip Gloss in Batch #F1711.

I invite you all to give blue a shot and be wise on your color selection and balance. Blue is a challenging color for eyes, but nothing anyone can't master. 


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  1. Oh my ese smokey está brutal!! ...y las pantallas!...*se desmaya*

    1. Gracias!

      Nena siii! Las pantallas! Me las he puesto TODOS LOS DÍAS! Son otra cosa. Erika diseña bellezas!



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