Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Fashion Skitch Hit the Big 100 on Facebook!

The Fashion Skitch hit the big 100 on Facebook! It’s time to celebrate by giving back to all of you who have supported me, my blog and my work. I’m so thankful to you all so I’ll be working on a giveaway during the weekend! It has been quite a journey so far and I'm loving it. This has been the best way to channel my creativity and to keep me focused and motivated. I take great joy in sharing my thoughts, ideas and creations with you all. Stay posted for more details during the next few days! 
Instagram: LilaLane


  1. Heyy! Felicidades Desi! Que bueno que mucha gente lee tu blog (yo entro y leo los DIYs! Mi fav fueron los pinches de perlitas!!) Tambien vi que estan usando tus ilustraciones en otros sites! YAYY Congrats and wish you the best!! Todavía estoy perdida con el revulú de Google accounts, así que me quede un poco perdida con los pasos but I will try to enter the giveaway hahaha

    PS- I dont have Twitter :(


    1. Gracias, Krissy! Love that you've enjoyed it! Te has hecho los pinches? Para lo de Google accounts/following, lo que puedes hacer es en tu dashboard en la sección de tu reading list, puedes añadir mi blog ahí y automáticamente estás siguiendo mi blog!



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